Top Tips to Get Fit For Summer

Set a reasonable goal
Most people try to aim high but more often than not, not achieving your goal can be demotivating. Instead, challenge yourself but set your goals to something you know you can achieve with reasonable effort. Keep this in mind when setting a daily activity goal on your Misfit Shine or Flash with the Misfit app.

Make small changes
Little habits enable changes. Start parking as far away from your office as possible. Walk to lunch. Buy a water container and put it on your desk. Scrap processed foods from your grocery list. You can still indulge on the occassional bag of chips at a social setting, but take it out of your everyday life.

Get social
Get a friend to commit to working out or eating healthy with you. You can help motivate each other and get each other on track. Capitalize on social networks and start a challenge. The extra motivation will help. Add friends on the Misfit app to stay motivated.

Get enough sleep
Monitor your sleep. If you’re getting less than 8 hours of shut-eye a night, start monitoring your habits before going to bed. Do you find yourself reading on your tablet or watching TV a lot before sleeping? Electronic gadgets have been shown to affect the quality of sleep. Set a sleep goal on the Misfit app and check in often.

Stay positive
Don’t underestimate the power of positivity. Keep going and the results will start coming in.

We wish you a happy and healthy summer season!