Tips to Feel Great as the Seasons Change

This post is part of a series led by our in-house health and fitness expert and nutritionist to the stars, Liz Josefsberg. Photo via Flickr user Dawn Ellner

Temperatures are dropping and change is in the air.  Pay attention to the seasonal changes happening around you. Give notice to hectic fall holiday schedules, changes to your appetite, to the foods you crave and your sleep patterns due to the amount of light available in a day. A few tips for feeling good:

  • Eat seasonally. Rotate from watermelon to apples, roast butternut squash, cook oatmeal and make soups instead of salads.  Your food will be fresher and tastier.
  • Aim to get some protein in at every meal to satisfy and stay fuller longer.
  • Reassess exercise routines to reflect the changes to your schedule and weather related obstacles. Move from outdoor activities like tennis and running to favorite classes at the gym or videos in the living room.  Develop a routine so you stay on track.
  • Stay hydrated. In the colder months you may need to move from ice water to hot herbal teas to get the fluids in.
  • Try new recipes and cooking tools. Pull out the slow cooker and roasting sheets. Try a new spin on an old favorite.

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