Tee up for spring! Introducing new Misfit Classic Tees & Super Dry Sport Socks

Today we’re excited to share a new addition to the Shine family of products, just in time for spring: Misfit Classic Tees and Super Dry Sport Socks.  Made out of ultra high-quality cotton, both have special Shine Pockets so you can wear your Shine securely while you’re training in the gym, on the court, or on the trails.  The Pocket blends effortlessly with the garment, so you won’t notice it, with your Shine or without.

Our tagless, 100% Cotton Tee has a slim-fit with gender-specific construction, and comes in Black, White, Grey, Navy, or Teal, with premium stitching and fade-resistant colors, so you’ll be able to wear these season after season.

Our Super Dry Sport Socks are made of a lightweight, breathable cotton-blend to keep your feet comfy during a workout or lounging at home.  We’ve added some strategically placed under foot padding and  upper layer venting to double down on the comfort and dryness factors.  One quarter of the bones in your body are in your feet—don’t you want to keep them happy?

We’ve also got some special packages for you if you’re looking for a way to kick off spring season with a workout buddy or your whole team.