Shine Update!

We’re excited to launch an updated version of our Misfit Shine App! We know you’re probably busy playing with iOS7, but visit the App store to update and take advantage of these new features:

Background Syncing – Shine will now sync with your phone automatically when you launch the app. To save battery life, this syncing only happens periodically. You can also sync as you did before by opening the Menu on the top left of the screen.

Improved Distance Calculation – Improved accuracy, especially for running.

Sleep Graph – Tap on a sleep highlight tile to see your periods of deep and light sleep.  For more information, see our blog post on deep sleep.

Activity Points & Tagging – Activity data from users like you have helped us to continuously improve the algorithms we use, as we further refine our activity tagging system. (You may see some fluctuations in point values during this learning curve.)

Improved Battery Life – We are constantly working to extend the life of your battery.

This update to the Shine App is in addition to a Shine device firmware update.  You’ll be notified of the device firmware update during your next Shine-phone sync, but you must still visit the App Store to upgrade your App to take advantage of these new features.


Thank you for all of your feedback and suggestions, and stay tuned for future updates!

– The Shine Development Team