October Misfits of the Month – Katie & Pip


Meet freerunners @KatieMcDonnell and @Pip_Andersen – both incredible athletes who spend their days living on the edge and proving that being a Misfit is pretty darn awesome. As professional athletes with a penchant for taking their fitness to new heights (literally), these two know better than anyone that when you work hard, the sky’s the limit – which is why we knew they’d be the perfect featured athletes for our Vapor campaign.

Their jobs keep them moving and grooving, so they’re loving that their Misfit Vapor Smartwatches not only help them keep tabs on their runs and fitness progress but help them stay connected and unplugged so they can focus on living in the moment.(<–which, in true Misfit fashion, is sometimes upside down and twisted all around.)

Check out their video for Misfit HERE and be prepared to feel inspired and/or humbled (after shooting this, we suddenly felt like our morning runs were a little on the light side).

After the shoot, we sat down with Katie & Pip to learn a little more about what they do, what inspires them, and where they’re headed. Check it out below!

Get to know

Freerunner / Ninja Warrior / Misfit

Do you say freerunnning or parkour?  I use both – it sort of depends on what kind of training I’m referring to. If I’ve been training jumps and vaults etc I would say I’ve been doing parkour but if I’ve been flipping around I will say I’ve been freerunning. However, I tend to find that more people have heard of parkour than freerunning so often when people ask what sport I do it is easier to go with that. Sometimes when I say “freerunning” people confuse it with “running” and start asking me what distance I run!!  

What got you started in Parkour?  I was a cheerleader at university and used to go along to open gymnastics sessions to work on my flips. I met a group of guys there who were freerunners and basically just thought what they were doing looked cool and decided to join in!

What’s some words that motivate you?  Hmm… I have a few quotes I like that help to keep me motivated. I love the quote by Erin Hanson: “What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?”  I think this reminds me that I shouldn’t just stay in my comfort zone, even if leaving it can feel scary at times.

Where’s the best area you’ve practiced? Such a hard question because I’ve trained in a lot of really cool locations but all were good for different reasons! Santorini is of course a great location for parkour – it’s almost as if the towns were built by someone who had parkour in mind. The cool shapes of the rooftops and how close the buildings are together makes for an ideal run!

What motivates you to keep going? Trying new moves? I’m quite an “all or nothing” kind of girl, which means that if I’ve made the decision to do freerunning then I want to be the very best freerunner I possibly can be. So I guess naturally that keeps me feeling pretty motivated.  Trying new moves definitely keeps things interesting though! I think the hardest time to stay motivated is when I’m injured. During the times I’m suffering from big injuries, I find that promising myself that I will come back as a stronger athlete than I was before helps to stop me from losing all motivation.

Get to know

Freerunner / Actor / Photographer / Misfit

What’s the best area you’ve Parkoured at? It’s really hard to choose just one because each spot is great for different aspects of training. A favourite of mine though has to be Barcelona, there’s just so much on offer.

What’s the riskiest thing you’ve done while Parkouring? I’m not sure, probably any type of roof gap purely because of the height, so any mistake is going to be magnified.

What advice would you offer aspiring Parkour athletes? Don’t disregard starting small, the fundamentals are what you’ll build on and continually return to no matter how good you get.

What’s some words that motivate you?  It’s not really words that motivate me so much as seeing myself improve as a result of hard work and also seeing what other freerunners are capable of, that pushes me.

What makes you a Misfit? I think all freerunners are misfits as we just don’t fit into what society expects or deems “normal” most of the time.