November Misfit of the Month – John Philp Thompson

Meet our Misfit of the Month @JohnPhilp3 – photographer, globetrotter, sometimes model, serial adventure seeker, blogger, and now team Misfit half-marathon runner. In case it wasn’t clear by now, John is a do-er and spends his days constantly striving to better himself by exposing himself to new people and places and, of course, putting himself in comically uncomfortable situations (because he’s awesome like that). Oh, AND he runs a blog aptly named The Risky Jackal. And if that isn’t the perfect example of living the Misfit life, we don’t know what is!

John recently stepped outside his comfort zone, joined Team Misfit and headed down to the happiest place on earth (ahem, Walt Disney World) to run his very first half marathon – and he absolutely nailed it! We don’t want to take all the credit – he was doing the actual running after all – but we like to think his trusty Misfit Vapor was at least partially behind his half marathon success! So what did he think about Vapor after taking it on a 13.1 mile run in the wild? Not only did he dig the look and feel of Vapor but he loved that it helped him keep tabs on his time, heart rate and progress throughout the race. His favorite everyday feature – most definitely the text, email, and calendar notifications so he can stay connected to what matters yet unplugged from what doesn’t – and of course, look good while doing it.