November Misfit of the Month: @jenrufo

Spotlight on: @jenrufo

Meet @jenrufo – professional athlete, model, fitness instructor, and a huge fan of Misfit Vapor 2 (you might notice she’s featured on our website sporting the new Vapor 2). Jen is making a name for herself in the health and fitness world, inspiring others to love themselves, stay positive and take living their best lives yet into their own hands – and we love that about her! As if she isn’t already wearing enough hats, she also just launched a new app called, Playbook, which helps people push past their physical limits while staying injury free – so they can continue doing the things that they love, as long as possible!

So what does Jen love about her Vapor 2? As someone who  is all about living an inspired, healthy, mindful life (we see you positive thoughts!), she loves that her Misfit Vapor 2 Smartwatch helps her stay connected to her health and fitness goals, while disconnected from the clutter of everyday life. Plus, it lets her do it all with some serious style – what’s not to love about that?!