Misfits of the Month @Miles_Daisher


Meet @miles_daisher – pilot, stuntman, base jumping instructor, husband, father, and lover of all things sports and adventure related. As a guy who spends his days jumping off of mountains, bridges… out of planes (yes, this is literally his day job!!), Miles is a true liver of life and he manages to inspire and motivate others along the way. Needless to say, Miles knows just what it means to not just step outside of the box, but live (waaaay) outside of the box. And we absolutely love that about him!

So what does Miles love about his Misfit Vapor Smartwatch? Being a professional base jumper and stuntman means that Miles doesn’t always have his phone in his pocket (which is awesome!). So he loves that his Vapor delivers the smartphone notifications he wants and needs right to his wrist – so he can stay connected without having to pull his phone out of his pack. And having his stats on his watch means he can stay on top of his activity at all times… even mid-jump!