May Misfit of the Month @CourtneysFitLife_



Meet @CourtneysFitLife_ – also known as Courtney Daniels – wife, mama, scientist, yoga instructor, blogger, and fitness lover… talk about a lotta hats!! As a mama who works full time as a research and development scientist in the biotech world and still manages to run a blog that inspires others to love themselves, and finds time to get a workout in every day, all while juggling a two year old and a pregnancy, Courtney is definitely a Misfit extraordinaire and basically superwoman. (Because we’re exhausted just thinking about all she does every single day, and we’re not even doing it!) But, we sure have to give her mad props. She knows just what it means to live your best and truest life and we love her for that – though we really have no idea how she manages to do it all and would love to know her secret!! Actually, scratch that, we know her secret – it’s her Misfit Path!

So what does she love about her Misfit Path Hybrid Smartwatch? Aside from the fact that it allows her to easily track her activity, stay on top of her world with vibe text, call and app notifications, and keep tabs on the time, she loves that Path adds a subtle pop of style and elegance to any look! And we gotta say, this supermama has some serious style!