March Misfit of the Month @DanChiz


Meet @DanChiz aka Dan Chizzoniti – NYC style, fitness and travel blogger extraordinaire. Dan runs a blog aptly named Real Men Wear that is all about his personal style – which he’d describe as “classic with a twist” – his adventures in fitness (he’s killing it), his daily inspiration, and, of course, his travels across the world. But mostly it’s about his fashion choices, which we have to admit, are really on point. As a general rule, Dan isn’t a fan of rules, per se. In fact, he’s a big fan of breaking the rules, whenever possible… which is ah-mazing! He dresses to show off his personality, who he is and what he feels – and we love him for that.

So what does he love about Misfit? Aside from the fact that he very quickly became addicted to knowing his stats at all times (it’s like an internal competition, he says!), he loves that his Misfit Vapor fits in seamlessly with his style and aesthetic. He loves that Vapor has a classic design (and he loves the circular screen!) with a modern twist, just like him. And, of course, he loves that his Vapor allows him to track every detail of his daily activity and stay connected to all his favorite apps, without ever getting his phone out – and who doesn’t need to do a little less of that!