July Misfit of the Month @paulinap


Meet @paulinap – photographer, climber, and all around adventurer. Paulina spends her days roaming the planet, photographing the extraordinary, exploring the unknown, and living life with no regrets – all while inspiring others to do the same. Her day job literally involves  traveling the world and she wouldn’t trade one minute of it, even though it means facing and conquering one of her biggest fears time and time again, flying. But she does it, and in fact spends a good portion of her time in planes, because the urge to travel is so fiercely instilled in her blood that she couldn’t live without it. She wholeheartedly believes that life should be spent doing what we love, following our dreams and challenging ourselves to do the things that we’re afraid of – and we absolutely love that about her! To say she knows what it means to live the Misfit life is an understatement!

So what does she love about her Misfit Shine 2? Simply put, she can track every step of her adventures while adding a bold pop of color and style to any look! (Just because you’re traipsing through the backcountry, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look good while doing it!)