Five Fitness Q’s With @Vandifair’s Lauren Vandiver

The fashion blogger and fitness lover shows us her #fitstyle.


Dallas-based fashion blogger Lauren Vandiver, known to her legions of Instagram followers as Vandifair, is no stranger to a tough workout. Having already completed a handful of 10Ks and half marathons, she just recently registered for her third half marathon in November, and is hitting the road for training runs as we speak.

At Misfit, we’re fans of anything that motivates us to move more and take on fun new fitness challenges. But we’re also huge fans of Vandiver’s vibrant fashion photography that she showcases on her blog, Vandi Fair


So we teamed up with Vandiver, and she’ll be sharing her singular style and fitness inspiration for Misfit as she preps for her upcoming half marathon. Follow along on social via @misfitwearables and @vandifair with the hashtag #misfitrun.

We also got Vandiver to answer a few of our burning questions. Check out our five fitness questions with Lauren Vandiver, below:

What motivates you to get moving?

“I’ve always been a runner, but while prepping for my wedding at the end of last year, I kind of fell off the bandwagon because I got so busy, and it’s been hard to get started again. I knew that registering for another half marathon would motivate me to get started again—so I’m really looking forward to getting back in running shape.”

So you’ll be training for this half marathon?

“Absolutely! Training is definitely necessary when running a half marathon, in my opinion. I started my training last month, but I’m really getting serious about it this month—I even added reminders on the family calendar I share with my husband. We don’t forget our running days!”

How do you decide what to share with your fans?

“While fashion is definitely at the heart of my blog and most of the posts I share, my primary goal is to inspire and uplift people with colorful, positive imagery that oozes happiness—so the really bright, happy photos are probably my favorite to share! My audience is just the best. I read every one of their comments on my posts, and they are always so sweet and encouraging—it truly makes my day!”


How does fitness-tracking tech fit into your style?

“I need to love the look, first of all. There’s so much to love about my Misfit Ray. It’s small and chic, blends seamlessly with your everyday arm party, and the interchangeable strap options allow for endless wearing possibilities. The leather straps are perfect for the office and the rubber straps are great for those sweatier runs outdoors or swimming.”

What else do you look for in a fitness tracker?

Misfit Ray is actually my third fitness tracker to try, and it is by far my favorite. What I love is that you don’t have to charge your battery every night—that was something I definitely struggled with in some of the other trackers I used. Plus the app for the tracker is also so amazing! I love that it’s customizable and that it doesn’t just track your steps—it tracks all of the activity you do throughout the day.

Get to know Lauren Vandiver better on her Instagram, @vandifair.