Five Favorite Speedo Fit Water Workouts

Top Trainers Share Simple Exercises to Supercharge Your Next Swim

Swimming has more benefits than we can count. The weight of the water acts as resistance and builds muscle, while the low-impact environment protects your joints from damage. You don’t have to carry a giant gym bag full of workout clothes around, and there’s usually a handy hot tub nearby for a post-swim soak.

And Speedo is helping turn the pool into an all-in-one training center with workouts that go beyond the lap swim. Speedo Fit is Speedo’s free training app, and it features more than 70 water-workout videos to help you supercharge your swimming. Most of them don’t require any special equipment—though you can get fancy with resistance paddles or underwater weights—and they let you focus on building power, speed, or endurance to suit your workout goals.

Do a few to finish off your normal swimming workout, or do sets of them as a simple interval circuit that will give you all the benefits of high intensity interval training.

These can all be modified to be done equipment-free—so all you need to get going are your suit and goggles—but you can turbocharge some of them with Speedo water-friendly fitness gear.

Here, we’re sharing our five favorite water workouts:

1. Squat Jump Deep Continuous, With Mass

Challenge yourself with this high-intensity conditioning drill. You can try an easier version in 3-4 feet of water, or go into deep water and add a kettlebell to turbocharge this muscle-building maneuver.

2. Lateral Bound

This is all about form. Hitting the right angles will help you build strength and flexibility in your hips and thighs.

3. Push Pull With Rotation 

Focusing on your upper body and core adds strength for powerful strokes and shoulder health. Just 30 seconds of this drill will have you feeling the burn through your shoulders, lats, and core.

4. Acceleration Wall Drills – Running

Push down and away on the pool edge and keep the focus on your core to get the most out of this drill. Do short bursts for speed training, and longer sessions to add endurance.

5.  Horizontal Flexion and Extension With Clutch Paddles (Flys)

This movement is an all-in-one for stretching and strengthening your upper body. Remember to keep your chest up and arms slightly bent.