February Misfit of the Month @TheSportBrat

Meet @TheSportBrat (also known as Jess Ceresino) – football, food, and fashion blogger as well as the coolest (and biggest) sports fan you’ll find out there. As someone who enjoys tailgates, cold beer and a little good ole fashion smacktalk (but also cares about what shoes she’s wearing), Jess knows far too well what it means to not fit in a single box. Rather than try to conform, Jess decided to own who she is (a born and raised sports brat!) and what she loves (ahem, sports) and has built a career around that – and we so love her for that.

When she’s not cheering on the Buffs (her team!) or the Steelers (her boyfriend’s team, because she’s awesome like that), she’s just cheering for whoever is playing. That’s the thing about Jess, she’s not just a diehard fan of her team, she just loves sports and the entire gameday experience – the food, the cheers, the smack talk, the fashion, the fandom. She loves the drama of the game, the emotions they evoke, and that in a world that is divided in so many ways, sports still bring people together and unite them no matter what – you win together, you lose together. And she’s right about that, and it’s actually really cool when you stop to think about it!

So what does she love about Misfit? Aside from the ease and versatility of our smartwatches, she loves that our M.Y. Team collection allows her to add a subtle pop of support for her favorite team to any look – without going overboard! Because, as she says, she’s all about breaking out the team spirit everyday, not just on game days.

Now, unfortunately her football team didn’t make it to the “big game” this year but she didn’t let that dampen her spirits. Nope, she’s swapping out her bands so she can cheer on her other favorite team for the next couple of weeks in good ole red, white and blue! Go team go!