February Misfit of the Month


Spotlight on: @jennakutcher & @kickingitwithkutch

Meet @jennakutcher and @kickingitwithkutch, aka Jenna and Drew… the most likable, down-to-earth, kickass couple we have ever met. Jenna is a marketing entrepreneur, photographer and body positive icon, and Drew is a health coach and self-proclaimed neat freak. Oh, and as of last month, they are new parents to their miracle baby, Conley. We could go on and on about how these two are such an inspiration because of how entrepreneurial they both are – they both run their own businesses and still manage to find time to keep their instas on fire. But, to be completely frank, what we really love about them is how much they dig each other. Like they really really like each other and have mastered the art of ignoring the haters out there, which we LOVE. These two are truly the definition of “teamwork makes the dreamwork” and if they don’t give you serious #relationshipgoals, we don’t know who will!

So what do they love about their Misfits? As new parents, these two have their hands full, literally. And you know what’s hard to do with an adorable sleeping baby in your arms? Getting up to grab the phone that you inevitably left 50 feet away. Enter Misfit Vapor 2. These two are loving that they can stay connected and on top of what’s going on with just the flip of a wrist.