Battery Life Just Get Better

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Life doesn’t stop when the sun goes down, so why should your watch? Spoiler alert, it shouldn’t. And it doesn’t have to with the new Extended Mode that helps you extend your battery for multiple days. Now you can stay connected, active, not to mention, in style, wherever your midnight adventures may take you.

Getting started with smart battery modes for Wear OS by Google

To enable smart battery modes on your Vapor X or Vapor 2, you need to connect to WiFi and download the latest software update. This update offers smart battery modes including a new “Extended Battery Mode”, which allows users to extend their watch battery to multiple days on a single charge while still getting to enjoy features such as notifications and heart rate. 

The four different battery modes include:

Extended Mode: Allows users to extend their battery to last multiple days by turning off nonessential features, such as always-on display, WiFi, touch/tilt to wake, and “OK Google” detection. This mode is intended for charging every few days.

Custom Mode: Allows users to manage battery optimization settings themselves by selecting which features they’d like to use and which they’re ok turning off.

Daily Mode: Wear OS by Google’s default mode. It allows users to utilize most features including the always-on screen, along with most features and sensors. This mode is intended for nightly charging. 

Time-Only Mode: Gives users additional hours when the battery is running low by turning off all features but the timekeeping function. If you keep your watch on this mode when fully charged, the battery will last for weeks.