December Misfit of the Month

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Spotlight On: Sahara Ale

Meet Sahara – model, actress, storyteller, and one of the “real Misfits” we featured in our Misfit Vapor X commercial. Sahara is one of those refreshing spirits who unapologetically owns who she is, inside and out, and is never afraid to speak her mind or speak up for others. It’s a rare thing these days, so when we happen upon these magical unicorns, like Sahara, we embrace them with ever thing we got.

How would she define a Misfit? Everyone. Everyone is a misfit these days. Weird is the new normal. 

And what does she love about her Misfit Vapor X? As someone who not only embraces but celebrates her individuality, she loves that Vapor X is anything but square and can take any outfit up a few notches. And believe us, she certainly knows how to work that Vapor X style!