January Misfit of the Month – @DocJenFit


Spotlight on: @docjenfit

Meet @docjenfit, aka Dr. Jen Esquer – physical therapist, mobility trainer and self-declared mover. That’s right, she’s all about teaching you how to move that body so you can live your best life. Her mission? To heal the world – go big or go home, right?! As soon as she began pursuing her lofty goal, she quickly discovered the best way to heal the world was by empowering others to learn how to heal themselves. Also important, making treating yourself a habit, which means wine and dark chocolate for her – and you know we support that!

Dr. Jen is all about staying active and making every move count, so she loves that her Misfit Vapor 2 helps her track her stats while keeping her connected to her world. Favorite feature? Definitely the new and improved heart rate tracker so she can keep tabs on her heart while pushing the boundaries.

Wanna start the year off strong with Jen’s 5-day HIIT challenge? You’re in luck, it starts today!
PS… the more you work out, the more you can indulge! 😉