December Misfit of the Month – @curranblevins

Spotlight on: @curranblevins

Meet @curranblevins, aka Curran Blevins – accountability coach, motivator, fitness guru, and marketing manager – talk about alotta hats! After completely transforming his life by losing 80+ pound through diet and exercise, Mark realized that sometimes people (himself included) need a little kick in the…ahem… ass, in order to reach their full potential. Recognizing that he had a knack for doing the kicking (well, some might call it inspiring), he started a business where he not only motivates others to find the best version of themselves but also holds them accountable for their aspirations and let’s be real, making shit happen. He’s a big fan of making sure that people aren’t missing out on the life they deserve, just because they’re not aware of the simple changes that could get them there. If that’s not the definition of a misfit, we don’t know what is!

So what does he love about his Misfit Vapor 2? Well, as a dude who is all about holding yourself accountable, he digs that his Misfit Vapor 2 lets him do just that. He can easily see where he stands at any given moment plus having his stats right on his wrist keeps him motivated and inspired, all day long. Not to mention, he looks damn good while wearing it!