Control your World with Misfit

Today we are excited to announce the upcoming integrations of our Flash and Shine Fitness and Sleep Monitors with wearable controls enabled by a series of partnerships.

Starting in March, Misfit Flash will be able to interact with your favorite apps and smart hardware with a simple touch of a button.

The first wearable control for Flash was demoed at CES, coinciding with the launch of Misfit Bolt, a connected bulb that lets users personalize their home lighting.  Soon you will be able to turn Bolt on and off and control brightness with Flash.

Here are just a few of our upcoming integrations to help you exercise, sleep, and live smarter:

  • Users will be able to start and stop their Spotify playlist with Flash.
  • Misfit is working with Nest on an integration enabling customers to connect Misfit’s sleep tracking functionality and smart alarm with the Nest Learning Thermostat to wake up to their ideal temperature.
  • Soon you can use your Misfit Flash on IFTTT and connect it to over 160 products and services you use everyday. Misfit Flash will bring new Triggers to the Misfit Channel, including a double press.  Turn on and off devices, fire off quick messages, and send fitness information to an archive on the go.
  • Flash will also have the power to control your smart home ecosystem thanks to Logitech Harmony. Leveraging Harmony’s new API, Flash wearers will have access to some of Harmony’s most powerful features including one-touch activities like “Watch a Movie,” “Play Games,” and “Listen to Music.”
  • Yo’s messaging services will allow you to stay connected with friends and family with a simple double press on your Flash.
  • Misfit Flash will allow August Smart Lock users to unlock their doors without a smartphone.
  • Latch opens doors for the right people. Latch is a stealth startup that will be launching products in 2015, partnering with Misfit to make home security more convenient.
  • The Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight will allow you to cycle through a set of light colors or turn your nightlight on and off using the Misfit Flash.
  • Bitfinder gives you the air quality of your room on demand using the Flash button control.

Don’t see your favorite? We want to hear from you! For a complete list of partners and more information, visit or email us at


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