b8ta x Misfit

b8ta Austin exterior

Big news. Huge. We are super excited to announce that Misfit Vapor 2 will be launching in eight b8ta stores across the US over the next month! To kick things off, we’ll be having a launch event at the b8ta Austin store during SXSW. After Austin, we’ll be hitting the road with them for the b8ta & Google Be@Home Tour as one of their featured integrated products! Check out the dates and locations below to see if we’ll be in a town near you!

About b8ta

B8ta is all about discovery. They build stores that let people experience tech products the way their makers intended. Every detail of their model, from their software platform to their expert retail team, serves to open pathways to discovery and purchase. They believe that by removing the barriers for both brands and customers, they make retail as easy and enlightening as it is from a phone or computer. And even a bit more enjoyable too.

So what does this mean for Misfit? It means you can head into one of the eight stores we’ll be featured in and check out exactly which Misfit smartwatch is right for you and how it’ll be able to integrate seamlessly into your life. That means you can touch them, try them on, see what style works best for you and if you have any questions, their amazing in-store experts can answer anything you throw their way.

You’ll be able to find Misfit Vapor 2 in the following b8ta stores: Austin, San Francisco, Seattle, Scottsdale, Santa Monica, Short Hills, Brookfield Place.

About b8ta & Google Be@Home Tour

B8ta is partnering with Google for the Be@Home Tour, which will feature a small, mobile home teched out with smart products by Google and compatible with Google Home.  The tour will stop at b8ta stores and other relevant stops and will park for the day or weekend allowing customers to tour the space and discover the Google connectivity story. Misfit Vapor 2 smartwatch, which is powered by Wear OS by Google, will be among the featured products that will be integrated into the entire home experience so customers can check out our smartwatches and try them out in a realistic, interactive home environment.

Sound awesome? We think so too! Here’s where we’ll be so you can swing on by and check us out.

b8ta & Google Be@Home Tour Schedule

March 13-14: b8ta Austin @ Domain NORTHSIDE

March 16-17: b8ta Houston @ The Galleria

March 23-24: b8ta Scottsdale @ Scottsdale Fashion Square

March 30-31: b8ta Corte Madera @ The Village

April 6-7: b8ta San Francisco @ Hayes & Laguna

April 11-13: b8ta @ The Portland Home & Garden Show