August Misfit of the Month @pegactive


Meet @pegactive, aka Pegah Olfat – fitness instructor, fitness nutrition specialist, personal trainer, wellness blogger, and a seriously impressive entrepreneur. She’s taking the fitness and nutrition world by storm, and inspiring others along the way to take control of their health – in mind, body, and spirit – and we love that about her! So how does she do it all? (She is basically building anempire after all!) By reminding herself that life is all about balance and that progress is progress whether it be big or small – and of course that setbacks may pop up but what’s really important is that you keep moving forward. #truth. 
So what does she love about her Misfit Path Hybrid Smartwatch? It’s the perfect balance between a sleek, modern smartwatch that freshens up any look and a fitness tracker. So she can keep track of all her daily stats (ahem, and the time), stay connected and on top of everything she has going on, and look fabulous while doing it!