April Misfit of the Month @Ashleynii



Meet @Ashleynii – also known as Ashley Nelson – founder of the fashion, lifestyle and travel blog, On The 10. As someone who spends her days wandering and exploring new cities and getting lost in the adventure and inspiring others to do the same! Literally, that’s her job… her day job! How awesome is that?! She travels often, hits the town in style, loves a good sweat session, takes her health and wellness seriously, and can pack a suitcase like nobody’s business. Simply put, Ashley knows exactly what it means to live life on your own terms… and looks good while doing it… and we love her for that!

So what does she love about her Misfit? Aside from the fact that it allows her to easily track her activity (and all those steps when she’s travels!), she loves that she can add a subtle pop of style and color to any look. Which is why she’s loving our new translucent straps. With their clean lines and bright throwback vibes (hello jellies!), they are just what Ashley needs to add a little skip to her step this spring!