Add Some Flare to Your Fitness

MIS1599925; Summer 2017; Misfit; SU17

Today we’re launching Misfit Flare, an easy-to-use, new and improved, entry-level fitness and sleep monitor with a minimalist aesthetic. If you’re on the fence about jumping into activity tracking, Flare is a great place to start, pricing in at only $59.99.  

Like other Misfit products, Flare automatically tracks steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned. Featuring a fully mounted aluminum case with capacitive touch sensor and a single LED light beneath a crystal face, Flare lets you easily check your progress throughout the day by simply double tapping the device.  Flare’s LED indicator light lets you know how close you are to reaching your activity goal: 1 flash is 25%, 2 is 50%, 3 is 75%, and you’ll get a pleasing light animation once you reach your goal.

MIS1100_main (1)

The minimal and modern Flare is comfortable to wear all day, so you can stay motivated to achieve your daily fitness goals. Like Shine 2, Ray, and Phase, Flare does not require charging and instead uses a replaceable battery that lasts up to 4 months. Crafted from quality, durable materials, Flare is water resistant to 50 meters. Track your every move, day and night, and never have to take your tracker off, which means more insights to keep you inspired and going strong.

Tag different activity types, such as running, walking, yoga, swimming, soccer, basketball, tennis and more so you can track your favorite workouts! (Additionally, Misfit Flare can also track swimming laps, powered by Speedo, with a $9.99 in-app upgrade.)  Dig into the Misfit app for iOS or Android to get helpful graphs and charts on your daily, weekly, and monthly activity progress, as well as insights on your sleep quality and duration (tracked automatically when you wear the device to bed). You can optionally share your progress with your friends and family to see how you stack up.  Flare is also Link compatible—use it as a smart button to take a selfie with your phone, control music, advance slides in a presentation, or control household devices and more, all with a triple-tap.
Designed with your everyday style in mind, Flare fits effortlessly into your life. We think Flare is an easy way to dip your toe into the world of activity tracking, and also makes a great gift for anyone who wants to know themselves just a little bit better.