We’ve got spirit, Oh Yes We Do! – Introducing M.Y. Team Spirit

September is upon us, which means two things, candy corn can be found with uncomfortable ease and a new sports’ season is on the horizon. Woot woot. And as much as we love us some candy corn here at Misfit… we’re even bigger fans of, well, being fans. Whether it’s your alma mater, your hometown team, or the team you married into, we get it, loyalties run deep and showing off your allegiance is half the fun.

Enter M.Y. Team – our exclusive new program available through M.Y. Misfit that lets you design your perfect Misfit tracker or smartwatch in your team’s colors so you can make your team known this season (with style, of course) and make all of those stadium steps really count. Sounds like a perfect game day, doesn’t it?

How it works:

1. Choose Your Team’s Colors
Pick the device, choose a color & try out straps until you’ve created the perfect masterpiece to show off just where your loyalties lie.

2. We Build It & Ship It
Straight to your door. And shipping is on us, of course.

3. You Conquer Gameday

Because whether you’re hitting the stadium, pacing during overtime or jumping up and down from the couch, you’re making those steps count.

M.Y. Team is available through M.Y. Misfit!


Find a band that matches your team’s colors then see how it’ll look on your device with our strap visualizer.