September Misfit of the Month – Charlie Zhuang


Meet our Misfit of the Month @CharlieZhuang – a true Misfit in every sense of the word and one that never ceases to inspire us. A designer by day and a photographer and explorer of the Pacific Northwest on the weekends, Charlie lives his life on his own terms and knows just what it means to be a Misfit.

If you are not already following Charlie on Instagram, you’re going to want to start now because his photos of the wonders of the backcountry of Pacific Northwest (or as he calls it Upper Left USA) are not only breathtaking but will definitely inspire you to get out there exploring the unknown yourself. For instance, he recently hit up Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest in Washington with some friends and our new Cabin Retreat Collection and found himself in some ice caves. Ice caves! We didn’t know that ice caves existed but they are pretty much one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen (see images below).

His favorite Misfit product? Most definitely the Misfit Phase in Black + Spruce Field Strap from our new Cabin Retreat Collection. He loves that his Phase helps him make the most of his adventures (while staying unplugged) so that he can be focused on photographing the extraordinary – and we think he’s nailing it!


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