It’s a New Year. Be a New You!

We’re a few weeks into January, which means we’ve all had a little time to settle into our resolutions. Maybe you’re knocking down your goals and adding more to the list already or maybe you’re ever-so-slightly behind (hey, it happens!!). Either way now is the perfect time to kick things up a notch or eight (or inspire you with a little kick in the pants… either or). Enter the #MisfitChallenge.

Starting TODAY, we’ll be hosting 8 awesome daily giveaways with 8 awesome partners to help get you pumped up and inspired to make 2018 your best year yet. They’re simple challenges designed to help you make the small changes that can make a huge difference in your year. Whether it’s drinking more water, taking 10 minutes every day to sit down and meditate, getting those 10,000 steps in, or making the time to watch a movie and laugh your heart out- let this challenge inspire you to live your best year yet. And, enter to win some amazing prizes (including Misfit Vapor and Command!) along the way!

So how do you get started? Easy! Just follow us on Instagram, follow the instructions in our daily post, put your best foot forward, and keep those fingers crossed for a major win!  

Want in? We thought so!