Introducing Misfit 2.0

Today we’re excited to announce the latest version of the Misfit app for iOS and Android. Misfit 2.0 is a complete refresh of the Misfit app that includes a new look and more features, including the ability to use Flash as a button to control your world. Start and stop your Spotify playlist and message your friends with Yo by double or triple pressing Flash with these new integrations.

Download Misfit 2.0 for iOS now in the App Store. Misfit 2.0 for Android is coming very soon.

The key updates to the app include:

  • Beautiful, functional new design that makes it easier to get at the health and fitness information you care about

  • Easier sync: iOS users can easily sync from today’s home screen when opening the app by swiping left—Android users pull down.

  • It’s now easier to find friends and see and accept friend requests.  Select the ‘Social’ button on the home screen to connect to social media.  You’ll receive a badge notification on your profile or ‘Me’ button when a friend adds you.

  • Navigate to ‘Devices’ from the home screen to easily view battery life and customize your device (including adjusting wearing position and activity tagging).

  • You can now see your monthly progress, in addition to daily and weekly.

  • For iOS users—get more stats like total distance traveled and average sleep (check out the ‘Me’ menu), and add naps to contribute toward your sleep goal.

  • Flash users can use their device as a button to control their world in the first of our integrations.  Turn on ‘Button Command’ and select an option  to start and stop your Spotify playlist or message your friends with YO