December Misfit of the Month @DeepFriedFit


Meet our December Misfit of the Month @DeepFriedFit (also known to those who are in the know as Mai Lyn ;). As a full-time fitness, food and travel blogger as well as the founder of @DallasFitnessAmbassadors, Mai Lyn is what we like to call around here, a “Super Misfit”. When she’s not living an active, inspired life full of delicious food (this girl really knows how to brunch!), insane workouts we only wish we did on a regular basis, and soulful adventures, she’s inspiring others to do the same through her blog, Instagram and fitness ambassador program. If that isn’t a prime example of living the Misfit life, we don’t know what is.  

Mai Lyn has one of the most positive outlooks on life we’ve ever seen. She gets that being active and healthy is about more than just working out, it’s all about the mind-body-soul connection and taking care of you. She really supports taking care of your mental health just as much as your physical health, and we absolutely love her for that.

Mai Lyn has been a huge fan of Misfit products for a few years now, so she has quite the collection. So what’s her current favorite? It’s a tough call but right now she’s really digging her new Copper Misfit Ray – it adds a subtle punch and edge to her style that keeps her look fresh and empowered.