Sneak Peak – What you need to know this Black Friday

The cat’s out of the bag. We’re giving you the best prices on Flash and Shine this year. Whether its for your loved one, your neighbor, or maybe just a treat for yourself – Give the Gift of Health this Holiday Season.

Check out our Black Friday Pricing:

  • Flash 50% off and available for only $24.99
  • Shine on sale for $79.99

Shopping certainly counts as an activity. Sale starts at Midnight!



Thanksgiving Survival Guide

This post is part of a series led by our in-house health and fitness expert and nutritionist to the stars, Liz Josefsberg. Photo via Flickr user Satya Murthy 

Thanksgiving is like the Superbowl of eating. For anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle, this holiday can be a challenge. I have spent years perfecting the survival of this holiday with no weight gain. I refuse not to enjoy myself, but have a few simple rules to follow:Continue Reading »


12 Turkey Trots This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has become synonymous with three helpings of stuffing and an extra slice of pumpkin pie. So why not start your holiday season in an active way? Get off the couch and get some Misfit points!  We’ve scoured the country for the top Turkey Trots this year, and scoped out exclusive discounts on registrations just for you. Whether its walking, running, or cheering on a friend we encourage you to get up and move!  Added bonus: winners of these races will get a Shine Fitness & Sleep Monitor! Want your Turkey Trot added to the list? Hit us up at (Photo via flickr user @wewon31)Continue Reading »


Updates now available for Misfit for Android and iOS

photo via Flickr user Picture Sunday

Our latest Misfit Apps for iOS (v 1.21) and Android (v.15) are now available in the App Store and Google Play Store.  Download now and enjoy!

Here’s what’s new:

  • New design for social dashboard and world feed for Android users
  • Performance improvements and stability enhancements

Back to Basics – The Misfit Notebook

The Misfit Fitness Notebook is the ultimate old-school fitness diary. It’s designed to help you keep track of your workouts and sleep while providing helpful tips to motivate you this year. Including a pocket to hold notes, receipts, or keepsakes, the Misfit Fitness Notebook is also a practical and functional day planner.

Whether it’s doodling, keeping score or just scheduling your busy life, the Misfit Notebook is ready to help. Go ahead and start with your activity journal today!