Download Android v0.18.0

We just hit submit on our Android app v0.18.0 – available now in the Google Play Store!

Here’s what’s new:

  • Linking and syncing improvements
  • Performance improvements and stability enhancements

Start tracking with Misfit today!



Misfit Brings Sleep and Activity tracking to all META M1 users


Welcome to the family Meta Watch! Last week at CES, we announced our integration with META M1.

META M1 users will be able to freely access two levels of activity tracking:

1. Basic mode allows users to set a steps goal and track their daily progress.

2. Advanced mode calculates points and history tracking with a new or existing Misfit account.

The META M1 consists of simple, connected watch faces that deliver relevant information via iOS or Android smartphones. META M1 users will receive the Misfit integration as part of an upcoming upgrade to the platform.

Misfit makes its proprietary data science and sensor algorithms available to third party software and device makers to add its fitness and sleep monitoring capabilities to almost any product, including apps, smart watches, and other wearables. Contact for more information.


Misfit for iOS v. 1.23: Bug fixes

Happy Friday! Check out the latest update to Misfit for iOS available to download now on the App Store, complete with a healthy offering of performance improvements and stability enhancements.  Note: this latest version of the Misfit app requires iOS 7.0 and above.


Live Brilliant

We are thrilled to announce our latest smart home product Misfit Bolt. Bolt is a wirelessly-connected light bulb that lets you personalize your home lighting to create beautiful lightscapes. With a stunning sunrise simulation, Bolt makes getting out of bed a brighter experience for all!

A warm white light, Bolt is bright enough for everyday lighting and makes a bold statement in any room with its color changing features.  Transform your environment with millions of colors and combinations available through the NEW Misfit Home mobile app [available for download soon]. Bolt works directly with your smartphone, no complicated hubs or setup needed.

For a stunning first look at how Bolt transforms your home check out this short

Pre-order yours today for only $49.99. Expected delivery: Mid-February.


Swarovski Shine Collection

Today we announced our partnership with Swarovski, the leading producers of cut crystal in the world. In the course of its history, Swarovski has developed groundbreaking innovations and inspired creative trends in such diverse fields as jewelry, fashion, accessories, interior design, culture and industrial research and development. That being said we are excited to unveil our most luxurious Shine’s and accessories yet. This premier collection includes:

Two new, fully waterproof wearables: 1) a clear Swarovski Shine with a brilliant crystal face and 2.) a violet Swarovski Shine which uses a patented “energy crystal” technology to power itself. This is the world’s first wireless activity and sleep monitor that utilizes an energy harvesting technology to enable it to never require charging or replacing of batteries. Simply expose the violet Swarovski Shine to light to keep it charged. No collection is complete without matching accessories – Swarovski and Misfit have delivered with 9 stunning and unique accessories for all Misfit Shine devices. All that glitters is gold with Swarovski and Misfit.

The collection is now available for pre-order in the United States on our online store.